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After a long trekking course the racers will take their bicycles to continue with the following stage. In this occasion we depart from Muxía and surround the ría of Camariñas, arriving to the village of the same name. The main part of this stage will take place in this region and will end in the village named Ponte de Porto.

The initial part of the stage will cross the south part of the ría passing by the beautiful beaches of Muxía. In Ponte do Porto we’ll cross the river and travel now along the northern part of the ría until we get to Camariñas, after taking several checkpoints.

Muxía beaches
Muxía beaches

Specific navigation in Camariñas

The village of Camariñas is in the center of the Costa da Morte, and constitutes one of the most beautiful coastal sections. In this village there is an ancient tradition from the Middle Ages that consists of making "encajes de bolillos" (bobbin lace). This work is still handcrafted, interlacing threads on a pillow following a drawing made in cardboard or punctured. 

The village, almost as if it was itself a “encaje de bolillos” is formed by a great lattice of small and narrow streets, forming a perfect labyrinthine navigation map that the teams will have to face.

Trekking Playa del Trece

Once finished the specific navigation, the raiders will take again their bicycles and will continue their way again following the coastal line until they reach the known Playa del Trece, virgin beach and place of extreme beauty, where we will find one of the geomorphologic formations more important of Camariñas and of Galicia: the Mount Branco or the highest climbing dune of Spain and one of the highest in Europe with more than 150 meters of height.

Trece beach
Trece beach

The teams will park again their bicycles and will fulfill a small trekking, being able to admire the beauty of these places.

When the trekking ends they will pick again their bicycles and will go again to the village of Ponte do Porto, beginning and end of this stage.

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