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We leave the water and go back to the mount. The racers will face now a new stage of trekking round the village of Ezaro. We depart at sea level, but this doesn’t mean that we won’t have slopes as when crossing again the river southbound we’ll meet us in front the Mount Pindo, the protagonist of this stage, taking the racers to an altitude of 629 meters in a trekking of few kilometers.

The historians named this mount as the Sacred Olympus of the Celts, because according to the tradition, the stones were sculpted by the ancient Celts and our ancestors could only explain the curious geomorphology of the Mount Pindo, full of reliefs in the shape of balls of granite, across stories of deities, sculptures or monsters and mythical giants.

Monte Pindo warrior
Monte Pindo warrior

In the summit we find the Pedra da Moa with "Pias" (natural tubs), where one thinks that Celtic rituals were done and where it is said that the sterile couples come to have offspring. From this place we see impressive views on a wide coastal zone. Towards the north, we see the dam of Santa Uxía; in the southern part, we see the valley and Carnota's extensive beach; and towards the west, in the distance, the cape Fisterra, the immensity of the ocean, the ría of Corcubión and the islands Lobeiras. At the foot of the mount, the village of the Pindo and of the Ézaro and the river mouth of the Xallas. 

Monte Pindo
Monte Pindo

After the trekking through this mystical mount, the racers will go back to the Ezaro and will have to rest for 4 hours mandatory before starting the following stage.

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