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Ninth section of the raid and third of trekking, in this occasion a tour of coastering following the tour between Fisterra and Muxía, through parts of the known as "Camiño dos Faros ". This is the name of a route of hiking of 203 kilometres divided in 8 stages, and that joins Malpica de Bergantiños with Fisterra by the edge of the sea, passing for each and every existing lighthouse on the coast. You can find more information on their oficial webpage.

In this tour the racers will cross beautiful beaches, will go up and down mounts and will skirt spectacular cliffs, that no doubt, will last in the mind of the racers of the Raid Gallaecia 2015 for a long time.

We will start the tour departing from the village of Fisterra heading to the top of the Cape Fisterra. Nowadays, with its powerful lighthouse, Cape Fisterra continues exercising a special attraction on the pilgrims of the Camino def Santiago, who don’t finish their pilgrimage in Santiago and take this opportunity to come afoot to this impressive place.

Fisterra Cape
Fisterra Cape

Undoubtedly, the lucky teams that happen to pass this point in the moment of the sunset over the immensity of the ocean, the sea of the end of the world, will remember this postcard for a long time. 

In Cape Fisterra there are ragged landscapes and impressive beaches, some (sheltered by the cape) of calm waters and others with powerful waves as Mar de Fora, one of the wildest beaches of Galicia and that will be crossed by the teams in their way towards the north crossing the named " Costa da Morte " (Coast of the Death), passing places as Touriñan's Lighthouse to come finally to the village of Muxía.

Muxía Cape
Muxía Cape

The principal attraction of Muxía is Nosa Señora da Barca’s Sanctuary, placed in the surrounding areas of the Lighthouse of Muxía and of the famous "Pedra de Abalar" big stone of almost nine meters of length to whom according to the tradition only the innocent ones can make rock. 

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