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After the transition in Ponte do Porto, the teams will complete the following stage riding their bikes. We face again a long MTB section where the teams will not have many cut-off points in their way to Negreira, end of this last stage on bycicle.

Some kilometres after the exit we will reach the village of Vimianzo where we will visit the castle, built in the 13th century and in very good condition.

Vimianzo castle
Vimianzo castle

From here we will continue our way southeast and will pass again by the shores of the dam of Fervenza, where the second section of kayak began, and will continue towards Negreira. This last part will demand that the navigators keep a high level of concentration since the great density of paths and crossings, joined to the great weariness accumulated at this point of the race, could bring confusion and loss of performance.

Finally the teams will come to Negreira, a village very near to the city of Santiago, and that became one of the more important thoroughfares between Fisterra and Santiago.


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