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In Dumbría again there will be a spectacular stage in the final part of the river Xallas, where we find one of the best places in Galicia for the practice of the canyoning.

Xallas River canyon
Xallas River canyon

The racers will descend the last section of the river, saving a drop of approximately 150 meters in a distance of about 1 kilometre from the Dam of Santa Uxía up to the mouth of the river in the village of O Ezaro. This mouth is unique as it’s the only river in Europe that ends with a waterfall in the sea, full of legendary stories, princesses' heartbreaks, supernatural powers, spells, rituals, etc. Here they will face a final abseiling of approximately 60 meters.

During the descent, they will pass through big stones of granite, will enjoy different jumps, slides, several abseilings and the known as”Pias” or “Caldeiras”, which are natural cavities constructed over the centuries by the river and bathed by transparent turquoise waters.

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