Poster for event Expedición Antártida by Antonio de la Rosa

Expedición Antártida by Antonio de la Rosa

  • Rowing
  • 07 Jan 05:00 (-03)
  • (Antarctica)

3050 kilómetros de aventura



January 07, 2023 05:00 (-03)


After the conquest of the South Pole, many people have been motivated to emulate those conquering feats, but not all have achieved it and those who have had the courage to do so have sometimes cost them their lives ...

Antonio, as for many expeditionaries and adventurers, the challenge will be no less imposing, however, doing it like the others is not usually something common in their journeys, the ANTARCTIC ROWING ALONE project that has been proposed involves two navigations in solitary, which have not been done before by any human being in the way proposed.

It is an epic challenge that poses crossing the Drake Strait by rowing and alone from Southern Patagonia (Argentina) to Antarctica (1,000 km). Then transforming the boat, barely 7 meters in length, into a small sailboat and continue sailing, an average distance of 2,000 km that separates the peninsular area of ​​the Antarctic continent, from South Georgia Island, emulating the risky journey that a little more than 100 years ago, the polar explorer, Emest Shakelton, made along with a reduced crew of 5 people on a barge, in order to save his life and that of the Endurance crew, who for 16 months were trapped in the icy Antarctic region. 

Finally, and just like that explorer did when he reached Cove inlet on the west coast of the island of Georgia, Antonio de la Rosa will have to face and overcome a complicated section of trekking and glaciers on the island, until the Husvik whaling station. where you will be able to complete the journey.

A challenge in the most complicated place on the planet, with hurricane-force winds, 12-meter waves and extreme temperatures in the dangerous Antarctic Ocean.

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