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Ico security first Minimize risks
Ico total control Total control
Ico alert automatization Automation of alerts
Ico rescues Rescues
Ico support for runners Support for runners
Ico traffic control Traffic control

Ico security first Minimize risks

Safety first

One of the main problems when planning a long-distance event is the safety. We help you control your participants in real-time, being able to optimize the management of any emergency.

Receive alerts about the status of the runners, receive SOS from the participants ... Protect your participants with Tracktherace!

Bike racers

Ico total control Total control

Real-time information of participants and main vehicles

Our platform will allow you to track the participants in real-time. You may put a device to each of the different staff vehicles and monitor the entire event.

You will have the location of emergency vehicles and staff members. You may coordinate possible rescues quickly through the S.O.S. signal that the participants send.

Tracktherace together with emergency vehicles, staff vehicles and volunteers will allow you to control safety easily.


Ico alert automatization Automation of alerts

Participants status alerts

During a long-distance sport event, there are many different situations. Tracktherace will inform you with a series of alerts only visible to the organization.

You can anticipate possible incidents this way and offer a quicker response to your participants.

  • Out of track: detects lost participants or those who do not follow the route.
  • No movement: receive notices about participants not moving forward. Contact them and check their situation.
Lost runner

Ico rescues Rescues

Optimize rescue management

If you don't have a well-developed security protocol when carrying out a rescue during a long-distance event, you can be reckless.

Using Tracktherace you will be able to accelerate the management of rescues. You may have the location of the participant and the position of your rescue team. Furthermore, you will have a link with navigation to the last point that the participant has sent. In this way you can send your staff to the exact point and as soon as possible.

Helicopter rescue

Ico support for runners Support for runners

Companions or assistants

Using the map view, companions can see the progress of the participant or team and go ahead of him to support him.

You can show the route established for supports and create specific points for these assistances. In this way, you can limit the traffic of support vehicles along the route.

Support assists

Ico traffic control Traffic control

Minimize traffic cuts and support the authorities

Give the person in charge of cutting or directing traffic of the event access to see when the runners will approach.

Share the map view with law enforcement agencies to facilitate their work.

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