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Real-time GPS tracking for your event with Tracktherace

Ico real time info Real-time information
Ico dashboard Dashboard
Ico streaming Streaming from any checkpoint
Ico post analysis Analysis by observation

Monitoring for your event

Create a new tracking experience

Real-time information on the status of the race, specific statistics by checkpoint, statistics for each participant, streaming from each aid station ... and much more!

Our monitoring module will help you create a good image with the public. Tracktherace will give you tools that offer information in real time about your event and help you to put it in a better position.

Organizing team, spectators and even participants, all will benefit thanks to our GPS tracking.

Dashboard Map
Ico real time info

Real-time information

You will be able to follow your participants in real time. Know the location of all of them and the route they are taking.

You will have specific information about each participant: checkpoints visited, checkpoints passthrough, estimated time of arrival at the next one, average speed … We also offer you an estimated

classification in real time and statistics of each control point: participants who have passed that point, participants out of the race...

Ico dashboard


To facilitate access to information, both for organizers and spectators, you will have a dashboard that will provide you with the essential information about the event at a glance.

These graphs will allow us to analyze the distribution of the participants along the route, dividing the information between the aid stations and dividing them by categories or modalities.

You will have a section with specific information about the head and tail of the race and a graph that indicates the status of the participants.

Immersion and race analysis

Bring your event to the public

You will be able to facilitate the tracking of the event to all the spectators, eliminating the barriers of these sports. You will be able to generate a positive experience in the public with our real-time tracking and the information generated at the event.

Public watching
Ico streaming

Streaming from any checkpoint

In addition to the statistics and information about each refreshment station and each participant, in Tracktherace you can link a streaming to a checkpoint.

From any phone, you can share the situation in real time at the aid stations of your choice.

The public will have the feeling of living the race from within!

Ico post analysis

Analysis by observation

To complete the experience of the audience and participants, you can replay the race after finishing. Analyze the track of other participants, study the strategy of the different teams and compare the route made by different teams or participants synchronizing the times.

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