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Ico management and control Management and control
Ico design your event Design your event
Ico organization Organization
Ico coordination Coordination
Ico participant info Participants info

Ico management and control Management and control

Simplify your decisions

Organizing a sport trial is a task that requires time and effort on the part of all the members involved. Coordinating it efficiently is something that gives the experience and, sometimes, there are some things that we pass by.

We are aware of all the difficulties involved in organizing an event, for this reason, our platform will allow you to make decisions more quickly and you will have total control over it.

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Ico design your event Design your event

Customize the live map view

Our platform allows you to divide the event into as many modalities as you have, including a map view for each of them and an individual participants list for each one. You may incorporate specific routes to each sport trials with independent checkpoints and aid stations.

In case of having an event with several sports disciplines, like a triathlon or an adventure race, you can add different sections with their own maps for each stage.

Map edit

Ico organization Organization

All the information at your fingertips

You can access from your mobile to know the position of each of the participants and/or teams of the organization.

The response to any incident may be instantaneous, being able to shorten the decision-making time and optimizing the resources at your disposal.


Ico coordination Coordination

Get yourself ahead of the necessities of your event

With the estimations of arrivals of participants you will be able to open or close aid stations, as well as manage supplies for these points. You can share the location of a refreshment station or any kind of checkpoint to redirect the volunteers.

Once the organization's vehicles have been located, you can analyze how to coordinate these vehicles along the route.

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Ico participant info Participants info

Manage your participants in Tracktherace

Ico customize registrations

Customize your registrations

  • Add the fields that you consider necessary to have all the data of your participants.
  • Add different payment methods and create a dynamic pricing strategy to set different rates based on dates.
  • Automatically assign bibs according to the order you choose. You will have a mailing system for your registrants to make communication more effective.
Ico info during event

Specific information during the event

  • Receive alerts about participants out of the track or not moving. In his profile you will find his telephone number to reduce the time in searches of various databases and contact the participant as soon as possible.
  • Analyze the individual routes of each of them and carry out sanctions, penalties or category changes.

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