Participant Points Time 6º Budiñoraid Eurocidade Tui-Valença 2021
SALIDA META PC_31 PC_32 PC_33 PC_34 PC_35 PC_36 PC_37 PC_38 PC_39 PC_40 PC_41 PC_42 PC_43 PC_44 PC_45 PC_46 PC_47 PC_48 PC_49 PC_50 PC_51 PC_52 PC_53 PC_54 PC_55 PC_56 PC_57 PC_58 PC_59 PC_60 PC_61 PC_62 PC_63 PC_64 PC_65 PC_66 PC_67 PC_68 PC_69 PC_70 PC_71 PC_72 PC_73 PC_74 PC_75 PC_76 PC_77 PC_78 PC_79 PC_80 PC_81 PC_82 PC_83 PC_84 PC_85 PC_86 PC_87 PC_88 PC_89 PC_90 PC_91 PC_92 PC_93 PC_94 PC_95 PC_96 PC_97 PC_98 PC_99 PC_101 PC_102 PC_103 PC_104 PC_105 PC_106 PC_107 PC_108 PC_109 PC_110 PC_200
This ranking may not be accurate because it is calculated with the GPS positions of the devices. The official classification will be published by the organizer.

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