- Jose Angel Morlán Rodríguez (Club SEO from Ordes) will be the captain and main navigator of the team. It will be the cornerstone to guide the team to the finish line.

- Jose Manuel love boquete (Club SEO from Ordes) is without any doubt the most strong member in team and will have as its primary function to help the female component in everything she could need. It will be your faithful companion throughout this great adventure and furthermore will serve as sherpa.

- Oscar Fernandez Otero (Club Montaña Ferrol) will be the second navigator and strategist of the team. It will be an essential piece of equipment, as it will be the right hand of the captain in the key decisions that will have to take the team (both strategically and navigation related tasks). Its participation in the Raid Gallaecia expedition race of the year 2015 will also bring a touch of experience to the team.

- Maria Josefina Toro Monsalve, which comes from Chile to enjoy this great adventure, will bring the experience gained in her 13 years in the world of the adventure races and its numerous participations in expedition races across South America.

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