Issy Absolu Occitanie

This team is a mix a 2 experienced boys with an accent from Montpellier and 2 coming from Grenoble neighborhood discovering the long race format.

Djé (@ Jérôme Cadilhac ==> facebook link) runs around the world since 10 years. He has been in Sweden, Brazil , Spain several times. He performed some RIF. Jérôme has a strong fighting spirit and is the transition master : 1 minute lost is wasted. Foot orientering ? Let's go right in the slope !

Cédric ( Cédric Pujos ==> facebook) is our Yoda master. His sentences are rare but precious. Cédric can stay focus and vigilant during long hours and has foot and bike orientering know-how . He manages us for paddling and ropes activites. We hope his Itera experience of wetted condition will be useless...

Adrien (Adrien Corneloup ) performed moutain bike competitions, trails, many 2-3 days adventure race but never more. He is accurate in orientering and powerful on his pedals (we bring additional ones). He prepared this ARWS with rigor. Adrien will probably dream and speak about "pâtes au pesto" within this week.

Albane (Albane Laliée  ) is in charge of the good vibes, fighting spirit and a little bit also of the 3 mans here above. She won't use the maps but will be in the starting blocks to find the CP behind the bushes. She is hard to evil and has some return to nature trends. It will be her first ARWS race format.

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