210 Kms. MBT – Orienteering.

The longest section of the raid. At the beginning of the section, you will have to cross a main road. Be extremely careful when you arrive in Lugo; it is a town with heavy traffic.

Once having arrived in the transition point, you must leave your bikes locked. You will be given a map containing photos and you must walk a section of 8 km. You must take photos in every place of Cp (control point), and you have to show them in the transition where they will be verified. In the photos, at least three members of the team must appear.

Having verified that the route is completed you can continue the section.

We were asked if it is recommendable to carry a pair of trekking shoes for this section: as it is an urban section, it would be advisable to take a pair of comfortable MTB shoes which allow you to walk. The rest of the section doesn’t present any difficulty. Pay full attention to the crossings of forbidden roads to avoid any infraction.

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