90 Kms. Kayak.

It is a section by kayak which doesn’t present any technical difficulty. However, it is compulsory the use of a helmet. At the beginning of the section, you will find small rapids. Owing to safety reasons, during the night, these rapids will be avoided by land. Carriages and obligatory carriage times will be marked on the map. It will be also explained in the road book. Once you have avoided the rapids, you will enter an area of damned water along many kilometres to get inside the incredible Canyons of the Sil river, one of the most impressive river cliffs in the world.

Having finished this kayak stretch, Embalse de Santo Estevo (Santo Estevo dam), you have to leave the kayaks and make a carriage along 10 kilometres. The places for the disembarkation will be indicated on the maps. Please, pay attention to the disembarkation and don’t get close to the dam, as it is strictly forbidden to approach within 200 metres.

The carriage has a steep slope at the beginning and it will take place on the asphalt. You will have to wear the reflective vest and take the lights on during the night for this carriage. You will transit on the left side of the road.

From here, you will continue descending the river up to the Balneario de Laias where there is a pier to get off the kayaks.

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