VTT Labenne / Terre de Randonnée

Four members of the french team of mountain biking Labenne are taking part in the Raid Gallaecia. The team is composed by Sandrine, Eric, Vincent and Régis, who have known each other for several years in their MTB club.

Sandrine is engaged in the trail and also the raid multisport. She has less experience on the long competitions, but her strength will became a formidable competitor.

Vincent is the young boy of the team, as discreet in life that determined in sports. He is judoka at the base, but he left the tatami for mtb and then the trail and the raid multisport, hooking him on the orientation. It's hardworking and methodical character became hime the lead on the team preparation for the adventure.

Eric is the engine of the team. Competitor, strong and resilient, it is going to be the navigator alternating with Vincent and Régis. He has completed his first ultra trail in a great 34th on the 160Km of the Grand Raid des Pyrénées.

Régis is not necessarily the faster to the team but the most experienced. Alpiniste for 25 years, he discovered the raids nature in 1995. He will also take part in the navigation work. He also completed two times the GRP 160km, as well the Diagonale des Fous in 2014.

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