RaidAran Trangoworld Antioquia

The team RaidAran Trangoworld Antioquia is already a known team in the world of adventure races, this time formed by the the undoubted: the catalan Xavi Rodriguez and the colombian Jorge Diego Llano. The team is completed by the galician Alberto Taboada, and the asturian girl Veronica Montes.

  • Xavi Rodriguez: tireless, no matter how he feels, what hurts or the injury he have, he always will and never fails. Raider with many years of experience. Animator and motivator of the team.
  • Jorge: The soul of the team. Always in a good mood. Very, very organized!!! Especially with his feet, who cares much as it is what he more fear has. He has been in all adventure races the world since 1997.
  • Veronica: strength, desire,... He always gives 120% to learn. She ask everything until she have exactly what she need. She is always with attention over the team and taking care everyone is well.
  • Alberto: we could say it's the strongest of the team, always ready to pull from their parthners or carry all the weight, but also, great navigator and very disciplined, both in and out of the race.

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