Haglöfs Silva

The Raid Gallaecia Expedition Race will be a hotly contested event, and it is time to introduce one of the favorites.

It is the Team Haglöfs Silva, arrived from Sweden. It is one of the main references in the elite teams of adventure races, and who will make sure we enjoy great moments and struggles with their rivals in our competition.

You can find much information about the team in their official web: history, achievements, partners, equipment frecuenlty used,...

The team has its origins in 2002, with some of its current members, and during this time they have gotten countless achievements: 2nd place on the World Champs (ARWC) 2011, 3rd places on the World Champs 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2012, European Champions 2010, 2nd place at Raid Series 2005, 2nd place Bimbache 2006 and 4th place in Abu Dhabi 2009

This formation is composed by five athletes, and Gallaecia Raid Expedition Race will be present:

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