Brigantia Fiateira Motor

Brigantia Fiateira Motor is a team integrated by Priscilla Suarez, Marcos Varela, Quito Gonzalez and Diego Perez. These are the names of the four brave athletes who are looking forward to reach the challenge that Raid Gallaecia Expedition Race offers. The four members take part in other disciplines separately but all have several years of experience competing for their current club Brigantia Aventura in the galician and spanish adventure races leagues, frecuently reaching the top positions and being known for their happy and cheerful attitude.

With a great sense of overcoming, their attend to this adventure as representation of their Bringantia parthners and neighbors, with the clear goal of finishing, and aspiration of being the best Galician team, showing that the ambition and desire of a dream, are important in this sport .

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