Raidermania Elx - Yaincoa Sports

Raidermania Elx - Yaincoa Sports is a team of adventure races created for the Raid Gallaecia and supported by all raidermaniac tribe, who will be watching every minute of the race.

Let's be honest. The Gallaecia Raid will not be a competition of those who claim to be the toughest of Spain. This is on another level, and to fit goals would underestimate the race.

In order to reach the RG2015 finish line, we have to play with much head, having a great concentration and using all the experience that we have collected so far. We are working hard to get trained both psychologically and physically.

Experience is something that Carlos Fabregat can't talk about. Is a new incorporation to Raidermania Elx for RG2015. A beast of mountain bike from southeast spain, adapted to the adventure races. What characterizes him is his perseverance and good humor, which will make him a great pillar for the team at the worst times.

Lidia Juan is the navigator strategist of the team. The checkpoints hunter. Our iron lady that never gives up, and who will have to regulate the three buffaloes and decide the moments to cross the ulexs in Galicia. She upgrades her level to national elite category as a good raidermaniac, and makes it with the best competition. Without fear, with respect to all new challenges and trusting her partners.

Bas Niessen, the flying dutchman is probably the team member with more experience in raids. If he gets something between the eyes, he get it with a smile on his face. The "melocotoncito" (as some call his) has a diesel engine that would like to have to many F1 teams. Playful and love of the adventure races, now see fulfilled his dream of running one of the largest, expedition races of world series. Their habitat is from the waves of the Mediterranean until the last summit at which you think may be.

Alberto Quiles whose "Achilles" heel is the strategy because he prefer to go for all checkpoints that go for the final classification. It excels at anything special, but if you think you can do better, try to follow him. He dreamed about the Crevillent adventure race when he started running and now running the RG2015 is a dream that no thought would never reach. Even so, day after day has been training for this moment, and the moment has arrived.

Being aware of the challenge we face, we will continue our philosophy Galicia. We enjoy life to the fullest, every moment, every experience that such experiences are as tough as this competition, the knowledge learned, are much more valuable. We run 4 on the team, but in the race, we will feel the thrust of our 34 family members of Raidermania Elx that wait for us at home and many friends we've made thanks to the adventure races. We hope to live up to their expectations and we dream with the moment when, soaked by the rain Galician, we reach the Plaza de Obradoiro, which is not the first time it sees us arrive after a challenge.

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