La Vivariense Roq Raid

The team was formed to participate in the Raid Expedition Race Gallaecia although previously some members have been together at some races. Their goal is to finish the race and enjoy everything they can.

  • Felipe is the captain, his navigator and coach, the main piece of equipment, being the strongest of the 4. Is a Finisher in ironmans, experienced adventure races athlete, and perfectly dominates all disciplines.
  • Michel is a great motivator and a great example of struggle, perseverance and effort. Ironman finisher, passionate about adventure races and sport in general. He will help Felipe in navigation tasks.
  • Fatima Paz is the "newbie" of the team. At first she was not sure to joining in this adventure, but after the first training, she didn't hesitate, and understood perfectly the philosophy of this team. She is a great marathon runner.
  • Fabio is the youngest of the team. He has also finished ironman races, the ultra trail of Mont Blanc, mountain bike endurance race, ... It's a challenges passionated, always cheerful and never put a bad face.

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