A new team from the lands of northern Spain, the CDN Garrikes.

It is a rookie team in this race format of long adventure races, and it was created and united by passion for orienteering and adventure races.

Their goal is to finish having suffered and enjoyed together. Sure will have a great participation, due to mental workload will be critical, and his spirit from north people, two of Alava and two Navarre, will be helpful being so fighters and always with good humor.

They are a team with a lot of individual experience in different formats of ultra distance races and numerous adventure races nationwide. Its members are:

  • Merche Cuesta: passionate about adventure races and any other race in nature environment, with a Titan Desert in her legs, a Madrid-Lisbon and numerous adventure races, orienteering and anything that involves effort in nature. An admirable attitude and smile.
  • Iñaki Fernandez: comes from the world of mountain climbing, having experience in high mountain expeditions. He is passionate about adventure races, and expert mountain bike (Titan Desert, Madrid-Lisbon, ...). He is a perfectionist of materials, bike mechanic and a very good motivator.
  • Diego Yoldi: keen of mountain sports, adventure races and orienteering. Taking part in national adventure races and races like European Championship 2013, in 24 hours and Marmot24h Rogaine. Man of the Pyrenees with extraordinary strength and nobility that surely will put sanity in this adventure.
  • Jorge Urquizu: captain of this team, a veteran but not unmotivated. Expert in orienteering, 17 years in competitions of all modes of orientation races with victories in the northern orientation and national league. Winner of numerous national rogaines of 6 hours, 8 hours and 12 hours formats. 3rd in European Championship 2013 Rogaine 24 hours in catalunya. 11th in the World Championship 2012 Rogaine 24 hours in the Czech Republic. 10th World at senior and veteran world championship 2014 in South Dakota Rogaine 24 hours. Will be responsible of not losing the team apart from being a stubborn and fighter as good Navarre.

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