Adventure Addicts Team

It's time to introduce one of the favorites to reach the podium positions of Raid Gallaecia Expedition Race. This is the Adventure Addicts Team, born from the union of two teams that in the 2014 season have reach lots of the podiums and victories of adventure racing at spanish level: Camelback Silva and Buff Adventure Addicts.

Any of its four members has many experiences in all areas of orieentering sports: 2014 Spain championship 1st and 2nd places, Iberian Championship 2014, spanish adventure races league 2014, Spain rogaine championship 2014, winners of RogaineMarmot 24 in England, in addition three of the members belongs to spanish selection of mountain bike orieentering, and Fran Costoya was part of the team that won Adventure Races World Championship in 2010.

A brief introduction of each member:

  • Monica Aguilera is a raider with a great experience and wisdom. One of the best of all time. Women fighting, suffering, cheerful and very great athlete. He defends himself in all fields with very good performance, and she is also a great navigator.
  • Antonio Aurelio Olivar is great athlete. Very very fighter. It is very versatile and always helps any partner.
  • Fran López Costoya is the voice of experience and conveys an overwhelming security. It is a figure of adventure races world, and one of the best in the world without any doubt. Behind many miles and desire to fight for new challenges.
  • Ángel García is a young navigator that despite his youth, great experience in the world of the adventure races. Fighter, hardworking and with great expectations trying to be one of the best.

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