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  • What is Tracktherace?

    GPS tracking and management of sport events

    Tracktherace is the perfect tool to complement the organization of a sports event. It brings many pluses as to simplify the organization, spreading the event over the Internet, improving the safety of the event or interact with participants and general public.

    Do you want to know everything that Tracktherace can do for your event? Browse our services catalog to see what we can offer.

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  • What services does Tracktherace?

    Website for promotion

    Each event has a website and mailing system which may be used by organizers to report any information to participants

    Registrations management

    A complete inscriptions management system is included, supporting a multitude of configurations and a wide range of payment methods

    Real-time GPS Tracking

    Our GPS tracking module allows to display a map of the race, including the exact position of each participant, providing real-time classification and lots of information about the race

    Assistance and equipment hire

    Although implementation of our monitoring system does not require additional infrastructure than monitoring devices, we can also provide all the material that the organizers may need to mount stations to project the race

  • How to create an event with Tracktherace?

    Hiring an event Tracktherace is very simple, just contact us and we will inform you without compromise.

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  • How do we manage your event in Tracktherace?

    1. Contact with TracktheRace

    Send us information about your event (dates, amount of participants, event duration, interest about using our inscriptions management system,...) and we could create you a economic proposal to use Tracktherace.

    2. Event creation and configuration

    We will create your event, and you will be set as event administrator to be able to update any event information: event photo, cover, description,...

    3. Inscription management or participants import

    If inscriptions are managed with Tracktherace, participants information there will be already on the platform. If inscriptions are managed with other system, it will be necessary to import an Excel file with these information.

    4. Devices asignation and delivery

    Each participant will have an assigned tracking device, and we will send all the needed devices with a courier company. Also a document will be provided with the information of which device number give out to each participant.

    5. Devices give out and turn on

    Event organization will give out all the devices to the participants, and 15 minutes before the start, it should be turn on pressing a single button. With this, each participant positino will appear on the race map view.

    6. Devices return

    With each participant arrival to the finish line (or if they are no longer racing), all the devices will be recovered to be turn off pressing also a single button. The same courier company will collect the devices to be returned to Tracktherace.

    7. Visualization and replay after the event

    All the information stored during the event, will be available after, being able to replay all the participants course, and analysing all what had happened.

Client testimonials

Awesome tool created by a great company in the management of cartography for the enjoyment of the event tracking via GPS.

Fran López Costoya

Adventure Addicts team captain

For the organizers worried about the safety of the runners, Tracktherace is the tool that gives you peace of mind. In addition, display in realtime the participants positions offers an added excitement and spectacle to the event

Mónica Aguilera

Ultra Trail Collserola & CAT700 organizer

With a 250km course much of it without phone coverage keeping a close eye on participants requires a large safety team. Using tracktherace for our event in 2016 greatly reduced their workload and helped us know competitors locations throughout the day. As well has being a massive help for event safety there was a big extra bonus for supporters who were able to follow competitors online throughout the day. In short I was delighted with the service and would recommended it to any other event organisers.


David Burns organizer

The inscriptions management system allowed us to focus on the race, delegating all the complex registration tasks such as payments or information picking. It is a fully configurable system, which is perfectly suited to the needs of the organizer.

José Pérez Clará

Indiketes Raid staff

Tracktherace was a awesome tool in securing our test. There were several accidents, and to know the position of each participant have allowed us to make a quick and safe care.

José Balseiro

OBM Casa Sixto security manager

The main problem for outdoor sports grow, was the lack of being followd by the public. Tracktherace can solve this problem solved because we can follow any race from home with this spectacular application. It has also taken an important step in security, as we have the exact position of each participant at all times.

Pablo López

ARWS Raid Gallaecia race director

The world of orienteering races gives a huge advance with the races offline review availability, checking what you've done and learning from your competitors.

Marcos Varela

Brigantia Aventura team captain

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