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InfinitriMan 2020

  • Ultraman
  • 01 Oct 08:30 (CEST)
  • Castellón - Valenciana, Comunidad / Valenciana, Comunitat


  • Etapa 1 - Segmento Natación Ultra
  • Etapa 1 - Segmento Ciclismo Ultra
  • Etapa 2 - Ciclismo Ultra
  • Etapa 3 - Doble Maratón Ultra
  • Etapa 1 - Segmento Natación Half
  • Etapa 1 - Segmento Ciclismo Half
  • Etapa 2 - Ciclismo Half
  • Etapa 3 - Maratón Half

Be Ultra, Be InfinitriMan


Welcome to the hardest distance on the planet


You've been feeling it for a long time, you've heard those voices ... You've done everything you can to ignore them, but it's time to let yourself go ...

Let yourself be carried away by that primary impulse that takes you into the unknown, to step where no one has stepped, to feel what nobody has felt. Now, that moment has arrived, YOUR TIME, the time has come to be Ultra, to be InfinitriMan.



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